Addicted to the Monkey Mind


from the negative mindset that overwhelms you

Addicted to the Monkey Mind offers a toolbox of practical skills to shift self-sabotaging, programmed ways of thinking and learn actionable steps to:

  • Overcome addiction & debilitating habits
  • Resolve relationship issues
  • Replace burnout with passion
  • Sustain an abiding joy

J.F. Benoist—a visionary thought leader in the fields of addiction treatment & personal development—uses the journeys of two relatable characters to teach you how to develop a powerful new mindset and take back the controls of your life.

Addicted to the Monkey Mind Testimonials

“Addicted to the Monkey Mind is one of the most concrete, practical self-help books I have ever read. A must-read!”
Jennifer Read Hawthorne

Co-author of #1 New York Times best sellers Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

“I hold this book as a potent, personal therapeutic tool. J.F. goes straight to the core of human dysfunction in a most unique way. Excellent!”
Bill Kauth

Co-founder of The ManKind Project, author of A Circle of Men, and coauthor of We Need Each Other: Building Gift Community with Zoe Alowan

“J.F. Benoist has given us a book of insight and clarity. Both psychotherapists and their clients will greatly benefit. I highly recommend this book.”
Teni Garrett-Johnson

Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

NAADAC Attendees Follow Up Zoom Training

This 1.5 hour free training is specifically for attendees of the 2022 NAADAC Conference. This will be a continuation of the work JF discusses in his session at the conference entitled:  “Integrating the Language of the Nervous System into Recovery Support”.

Attendees of this training will have an opportunity to ask questions about the techniques and see further demonstrations of how to apply the language of the nervous system to working with clients. 

Please sign up below to be receive an email with the event information once it has been finalized. 



EET trainings are packed with a wide spectrum of practical tools & skills designed to certify therapists in EET to take their practices to the next level. Professionals will learn:
  • Experiential techniques that will teach clients to shift their fight-or-flight responses in real-time
  • The tool of Mindful Inquiry to enthusiastically solve specific life challenges
  • A practice of using emotions as a guidance system to resolve stress & trauma
  • Specific tools of awareness to change self-sabotaging beliefs & addiction
  • Conscious Breath, a breath work technique to help clients self-regulate
  • To stretch beyond their comfort zone & learn how to dare clients to live to their full potential!


Workshops to Overcome Your Monkey Mind

  • Change the negative mindset that rules your life
  • Experience relief from the anxiety that binds you
  • Create real connection with yourself & others
  • Reconnect with your passion

Online Courses to Shift Your Programming

  • A step-by-step guide to achieve lasting results
  • Advanced elements of Mindful Inquiry
  • Skills of emotional intelligence
  • Awareness-building, applicable tools


As a presenter and public speaker, J.F. Benoist has delivered topics ranging from addiction recovery and business leadership objectivity, to improving self-esteem and creating healthy relationships.

In his very upbeat and lively presentations, J.F. shows audience members how their behaviors have been influenced by destructive and self-limiting thoughts and beliefs. He then demonstrates simple tools and skills that can be easily learned and immediately put to use.

If you’re interested in booking J.F. to speak at your organization, event, or conference, please reach out to us so we can learn how to best serve your needs.

About Jean-Francois Benoist

Jean-Francois (J.F.) Benoist has been counseling people struggling with addiction, mental health, and relationship issues for over twenty years. He co-founded The Exclusive Addiction Treatment Center, a non-12-step residential addiction treatment center, with his wife, Joyce, in 2011.

He is the creator of the therapeutic methodology Experiential Engagement Therapy (EET), which focuses on addressing a person’s underlying core beliefs. He is well-known for his authentic, experiential techniques, which maximize long-term change.

Benoist is a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) and Certified Option Process Mentor/Counselor. He is an internationally certified leader in The Mankind Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting men’s personal growth. He began his studies in human development and empowerment with Robert Hargrove and Relationships Inc. in 1980 and has been deeply involved in facilitating change in others ever since.

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