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A Workshop That Empowers You to Create Change

How to break the cycle of shame and anxiety to create consistent behavior changes

(Even if you’ve been to rehab before, have tried to get sober many times, and are terrified of ‘failing’ again)

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When it comes to sobriety, the fear of failure is real.

You’re concerned that perhaps you don’t have what it takes to stay on track.

You’ve seen yourself try and fail before.

You’re nervous to tell your loved ones of your commitment in an effort to avoid their judgments in case you fall off the wagon.

There’s so much anxiety that builds up in you that eventually you need to release it somehow and the cycle starts all over again.

Shame sets in, and the anxiety starts building from ground zero.

Eventually you get tired of being a victim of your addiction, anxiety, depression and stress.


I wholeheartedly want for you…

Not to stay stuck in this cycle of shame, anxiety and using or drinking.

The truth is that if you learn skills to navigate the anxiety and discomfort within you, you can change your behavior more effectively.

Jean-François is very talented, creative and engaging. You would be one of the lucky ones if you have a chance to work with him.

Confidential Client Endorsement

Jean-François was fun, energetic, caring and insightful. I think he was absolutely brilliant.

Confidential Client Endorsement

It's the engaging force of delivery with humor and heart that grabbed my full attention, but I believe I had more 'aha moments' with Jean-François than most all my 'journeys' put together.

Confidential Client Endorsement

Now’s the time to try something different. ESPECIALLY if you’ve tried many times before and are starting to believe you can’t get sober.

Let me guess what’s been holding you back in recovery:

  • You have self-destructive habits that drive your addictive behavior, but you haven’t discovered the underlying core beliefs that are pushing the self-destruct button. As a result, you stay stuck in a cycle.
  • You feel your life lacks purpose and direction – so what’s the point of sobriety? You long to find meaning and a clear inner vision of who you really are. Yet, living an authentic life seems to escape you.
  • Your relationships are hard. They’re filled with challenges that add more stress to your life instead of support – a dynamic that doesn’t encourage sobriety. You long for sincere support and deep connection with friends and family, but you don’t know how to create it.
  • You’re stressed out, you’ve got reoccurring stresses and you don’t know how to manage and stop stress before it escalates.

Does this sound a little bit like you’re feeling right now? Know that you’re not alone.

A lot of us feel like this.

The truth is, getting sober could well be the hardest thing you’ve done in your life.

When you decide to start recovery there will be many challenges along the road.

When I decided to stop drinking, I was filled with anxiety and felt really depressed.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope. I didn’t know if I had the skills to stay sober.

I felt like there was no one who understood what I was going through. It seemed like society was saying, “All you need is willpower and therapy to change your behavior”.

However, what I really believed was that I needed more than a behavioral change and using shame to motivate myself to stop drinking.

So, I decided to set off on a journey of acquiring life skills to get me to sobriety.

What I discovered was that each of us are driven by our core beliefs and are in a constant state of trying to avoid discomfort.

If we change our beliefs, we change our behavior. When we learn to deal with discomfort by acquiring tools to do so and getting rid of shame altogether, sobriety becomes a journey of discovery.

I started applying what I was learning in my own life and started counseling others using the methods of Mindful Inquiry, Core Belief Restructuring, and Experiential Engagement Therapy.

It was effective. It worked for me and it works for others.

And that’s what I want to share with you in this workshop.


Experiential Engagement Therapy turns your anxiety into a tool to help you become aware of underlying beliefs that are driving your addiction.

In our society, we are taught to avoid our issues. We push them down into ourselves so deeply that they manifest in ways we are not conscious of – like anxiety, depression, and drug and alcohol abuse.

We are constantly trying to get rid of negative emotions and discomfort, instead of learning how to step into the experience fully and learn what’s underneath it.

Experiential Engagement Therapy fosters awareness.

Awareness is key to resolving self-destructive habits.

Awareness allows you to recognize the deeper issues at play, the underlying reasoning behind your pattern of behavior.

Achieving awareness isn’t hard to do – when you have the proper tools to guide you.

A Workshop That Empowers You to Create Change

This is an experiential workshop. This means that you’ll play an active role in learning how to manage anxiety and shame.

Learning experientially is more effective than learning cognitively. Think about it – would you rather learn how to ride a bike by reading a book or by hopping on the seat?

When it comes to gaining life skills, practicing is the key to being successful in real life situations.

Ever watched Tony Robbins on stage engaging with someone in his audience, coaching the person through a real event? That’s the kind of engagement you can expect from this experiential workshop.

In this fun evening you’ll:

  • Break through your cycle of addiction, anxiety, and shame
  • Learn to maintain a consistent level of clarity and peaceful presence
  • Deeply accept yourself and let go of performing for others
  • Enthusiastically solve specific life challenges by exploring your core beliefs
  • Attain new levels of awareness & powerful understanding to stay connected with your truest self
  • Engage with your innate potential, beauty and worth
  • Stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone & feel an immediate shift in a safe and supportive environment
  • Learn how to achieve specific goals & intentions without stress & self-sabotage

I look forward to seeing you at this energizing, thought-provoking workshop!

Each venue have limited seats available, so get on board now and grab your seat.


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Upcoming Workshops


Bay Area, Monday May 15th

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Mind Therapy Clinic
240 Tamal Vista Blvd #160
Corte Madera
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Santa Monica, Wednesday May 17th

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Joslyn Park Auditorium
633 Kensington Rd
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Santa Ana, Thursday May 18th

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Delhi Center
505 E. Central Ave
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Palm Beach, Monday June 5th

6:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Riviera Beach Marina Event Center
190 E. 13th Street
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Jean-Francois Benoist is the creator of a proprietary Core Belief Restructuring program that’s successfully been helping hundreds of clients who struggle with addiction, and co-occurring disorders.

He’s now bringing his method to you and is on a mission to empower more people by sharing his unique experiential methods with those in recovery and by educating therapists and counselors.

Have questions? Speak to our events manager today.

Phone: 808-756-0013

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